Imagine if life was a cinema.

I most likely would be ridiculed for who I love.

I wouldn’t spend as much timewatchig life scroll by at the flick of a finger,

Nor would I delve into my studies nearly as much.

I would probably get that big job in the end—my happily ever after would come true in every way.


For now, I’ll appreciate the little things—

The respect I’ve had for my love

And the ability to study my ass off—

Which never appears on the big screen.


These all may seem trivial,

But they add up to a lot.

The box office isn’t always accurate in real-life portrayals—

Okay, it rarely is.


As wonderful as a cinema would be,

I am thankful for the reality that I am in.


Now tell me,

If cinemas reflected reality,

Would you still care to go watch? 


From the Writers’ Kitchen, 2018.